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Alternative Energy Technology

Biorefineries are being used to produce ethanol, gasoline, diesel fuel and feedstock for the chemical industry from carbohydrates such as sugar, starch, cellulose and other agricultural byproducts from renewable plants. Baez Chem i Consulting, Inc. is abreast of the latest technological advancements to deliver our clients the most cost efficient alternative energy processes.

Among Services we offer in this area are:

  • Calculations for Biomass to Energy conversion
  • Technical Studies for the Production of Ethanol and Biodiesel
  • Advanced Technologies for Ethanol and Biodiesel
  • Enzyme and Yeast Evaluation Studies
  • Ethanol and Biodiesel Plant Design
  • Biomass Co-products Recovery Studies
  • Bioenergy Process Optimization
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Studies on Biofuels
  •  Planning and Implementation of Bioenergy Policies
  • Evaluations of Effects of Biofuels on the Environment, Including Emission Inventory and Permits.


Water Purification Technology

Baez Chem i Consulting, Inc. offers a variety of water purification services, covering residential, commercial and industrial applications. We provide these services through the application of basic principles of science and engineering to solve water purification needs.

Services include the following:

  • State of Florida professional engineer services including:
        Signing and Sealing,
        Certification of
    Drawings and documents for water purification systems
  • Technical Studies on the selections of water purification technologies
  • Design and assessment of all water purification systems, including the following:
       Water Softening
       Advanced Activated Carbon Filtration
       Reverse Osmosis Systems
       Chlorination and Ozonation
       Color and Odor Removal Studies
       Sulfur Removal Studies
       Water Desalinization
       Water Reclamation Systems
       Economic Evaluation of Water Purification Processes