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Process Design

Whether it is the validation of existing processes or the implementation of innovative technology to a brand new process, Baez Chem i Consulting, Inc. has the technical capability to design any type of process equipment. We provide science based solutions to your process needs.

Services include the following:

  • Copywriting and Patenting New Ideas and Processes
  • Research and Product Development
  • Industrial Design 

Sugar Cane Technology

Baez Chem i Consulting, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to develop new and improved production techniques to optimize sugar production, including advanced technology for the production of new co-products.

Among Services we offer in this area are:

  • Sugar Cane Juice Composition and Extraction Calculations
  • Sugar Process Modeling, Material & Energy Balance
  • Preparation of Fabrication Modeling using Sugars for Windows and other Computer Programs
  • Evaporation & Crystallization Calculations, including Double Magma Boiling Systems
  • Molasses Desugarizaton Studies
  • Columns for Juice Decalcification, Micro and Ultra Juice filtration
  • Juice Chromatographic Separation Studies
  • Juice Decolorization Studies
  • Fabrication Pilot Plants Studies and Design
  • Technical Report Preparation
  • Research and Development Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Sugar Cane Co-product Recovery
  • Electric Cogeneration
  • Vapor Balances and Optimization